Each of Categoracle's services delivers against four key criteria:

1. Improved business processes that stick 
2. Action-orientated insights
3. Profitable market share gains
4. Enhanced relationships with your retailers

1. Improved business process that stick

We don't just deliver insights and strategies for future prosperity, we also leave with you business decision-making tools and templates to both assist in the negotation phase with your customers and to monitor implementation of the recommendations to ensure timely follow-up actions where required.

Our business tools and templates can be updated by your people to monitor the success of the recommended strategies going forward and highlight areas where adaptation may be required.

For these reasons, our processes will become an integral part of your business long after the Categoracle team has moved on to the next project.

2. Action-orientated insights

There are insights and then there are actionable insights; the nice-to-knows versus the practical business solutions providing the capability to make a significant change to strategy going forward that will drive growth in your and your retail partners' businesses.

Categoracle's specialised analysis of the available data and interpretation of the findings will deliver the actionable insights, while the business tools and templates provided will ensure these insights are actioned effectively by your customer teams.

3. Profitable market share gains

The gaining of market share is not necessarily that difficult a task; it can be achieved by a variety of means such as increasing promotional depth and/or frequency, reducing everyday prices, SKU proliferation, or greater marketing support. Generally, methods such as these will result in reduced gross margins and/or greater complexity in manufacturing and distribution, the net result being less profit for the manufacturer.

Categoracle's business methodology focuses on identifying the key drivers of profitable growth for you and your retail partners, that way making the resulting profit and share gains more sustainable into the future.

4. Enhanced relationships with your retailers

Categoracle's consultants will continuously encourage you to consider what's in it for the retailer when developing strategies to grow your business. This is not due to the consolidation of the retail sector and the resulting shift in power to the retailer, instead we believe that developing business-to-business solutions or win-win strategies will make for sustainable profit growth.

The services provided by Categoracle all focus on contributing to the overall good of the category rather than the individual brand or company and, hence, the retailers have as much if not more to gain from supporting the recommendations put forward.

We position ourselves as an independent party, that is, although you will be paying our bills, the overall value Categoracle generates in undertaking a project with you, from a future business perspective, comes as much from the retailers' satisfaction resulting from the implementation of the recommended strategies as it will from your testimonials.

By implementing our recommendations and following the processes we leave with you, through updating your customers on the progress being made to drive increased category profits, your relationships with your retail partners will be enhanced.