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Consumer Insight

Before embarking on building a category development plan, in addition to collecting internal information and retailer sell-out data, we recommend you fill any informational gaps in the following areas:

1. Shopper Research
2. Brand Evaluation

1. Shopper Research

We recommend Bergent Marketing Intelligence’s ShopperEye™ methodology

>> Questions answered and insights gained

>> ShopperEye™ overview

>> Visit Bergent’s website

2. Brand Evaluation

We recommend using Ipsos Insight’s brand status evaluation

>> Questions answered and insights gained

>> Brand status evaluation overview

>> Visit Ipsos’s website

Customer Planning Meetings

An important facet of building a budget is to gain key stakeholder buy-in. To this end, as part of our Budgeting & Forecasting project, Categoracle recommends the use of a Customer Planning Meeting in a location away from the normal work environment.

The purpose of this meeting is for marketing to share their plans and for marketing and sales to jointly develop the budget, bottom-up by customer, for the pursuing financial year.

To create an environment conducive to challenging the status quo, thinking outside of the nine dots and stretching individuals beyond their comfort zones, we recommend the use of Improving Connections as a means of making the whole experience more exciting and rewarding for all involved.

>> Our recommended planning meeting venue

>> Visit Dooralong Valley Resort’s website

>> Bringing the best out of your people

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Retailer Execution

The scope of Categoracle’s involvement in your business will generally finish following an introductory presentation of our category recommendations to your retail partners, if not before, depending on your preference.

To assist in the process of retailer execution, we recommend the involvement of a third party to ensure your customer teams are leading edge.

RogenSi provide tailored courses to upskill your people in areas such as: influencing and negotiation, presentation skills and running effective meetings.

>> RogenSi – winning & growing business

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