At Categoracle we like to call our business methodology 'the onion approach' to driving mutual manufacturer-retailer profit growth.

By this, we mean that as you peel back the layers beneath your go-to-market strategy, presented to the retailers in the form of customer category reviews and customer business plans, you will find an extremely well thought through assessment of the opportunities available and the plan to make it happen, not to mention a series of processes to support the need to monitor and adapt the strategy where required.

Implementing an effective Category Development Framework

Implementing an effective category management framework

As the diagram above suggests, we recommend starting the process by gaining a thorough understanding of your business, determining the potential future growth drivers, having taken into consideration the opportunities and limitations of your various business units as well as your position relative to your competitors in regards to your customers' profitability.

We then take these learnings, supplement them with a detailed analysis of the consumer data available, recommend filling any informational gaps that exist, interpret the findings and, through a series of structured processes, ensure that the insights gained are translated into practical action plans for implementation with your customers, ultimately transforming your business and the category in which it operates to a more profitable and viable concern going forward.