Category Development and you

Category Development is not about creating a department and resourcing it with market research and analytical experts. Instead, it is a way of doing business, encompassing everything you do, from the way you package your products, to your means of distribution, to how you invoice your customers.

To be successful in today's consolidating retail market, manufacturers of consumer goods require clear strategic objectives that deliver on the principles of category development and a framework that ensures all business units are working towards the same ends.

Categoracle, through more than 13 years' experience in developing business strategies that mutually drive manufacturers' and retailers' profits, can work with you to introduce an effective category development framework that ensures the future prosperity of your business.

In most instances, implementing an effective category development framework will not be a monumental shift away from your current business practices; the intention is to enhance as opposed to change your current processes. The key is to clearly define the role category development will play in your business.

Defining Category Development's Role in your business