Case studies

The case studies below provide you with some insights into how each of Categoracle's services can assist your business to leverage what we consider to be the four levers of point-of-purchase growth.

For the purposes of confidentiality, the manufacturer and brand names in each of the case studies have been withheld.

To read more, including an explanation of the background, a summary of the issue faced by the manufacturer and category, the approach used and the outcome achieved, simply click on the individual case study transformations in the table below:



Case Study Transformation

Category Development

  • Taking a big picture view having assessed the market (consumer, shopper, retailer and brands) to overcome issues and leverage opportunities to drive profitable growth
  1. From a succession of losses to a profitable portfolio
  2. From declining share and market growth to $15m incremental profit
  3. From private label hell to healthy profitable growth

Promotional Evaluation

  • Focusing on the one lever of point of purchase growth, promotion, determining the type. frequency and products for promotional campaigns to drive profitable growth
  1. From a mature category with volume declines greater than value to double figure profit growth
  2. From fast losing market share to overcoming an aggressive competitor

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Quantifying internally the opportunities available so as to put in place measurable objectives to monitor timeliness of implementation and strategy success
  1. From a reactive and constantly changing plan to a proactive strategy with alternatives costed
  2. From a lack of ownership and accountability to buy-in by all business units

Customer Action Plans

  • Setting customer specific objectives internally against each of the four levers of growth at the point of purchase, delegating responsibility and monitoring actions


  1. From a blow out in trade investment to driving growth cost effectively
  2. From a non-aligned set of contradictory objectives to having everybody heading in the same direction

Category Review Process

  • Implementing a category aware approach to conducting range reviews to drive efficient use of restricted space, increase usage and encourage shoppers to trade up
  1. From poor manufacturer and specific retailer relative market shares to mutual profitable growth
  2. From a profitable but insignificant player to a sizeable range and presence

Customer Business Plans

  • An account specific manufacturer-retailer collaborative approach to driving category profits that leverages an identified mutual opportunity for profitable growth


  1. From declining share and retailer support to unprecedented mutual profitable growth
  2. From promotional clashing impacting performance to mutual double digit growth