Why consider?

The past 10 years have witnessed a slowing of population growth, consolidation of the retail sector and an increasing focus by retailers on developing 'own label' strategies. To remain relevant in this changing environment, manufacturers of consumer goods must be able to demonstrate to their retail partners a path to profit; that is, how their brand/category strategies will drive retailer category profits into the future.

Emerging forces such as Aldi in the grocery industry and the importing of cheap Chinese produced alternatives in electrical goods, for example, requires retailers to balance the focus on value creation with a strategy for protecting against the loss of market share at the economy end.

Category development, through the use of fact-based action- and results-orientated solutions that consider your customers' and consumers' needs, meets the demands of the evolving market place in delivering strategies to mutually drive manufacturer-retailer profitability and market growth.

Manufacturer-retailer strategy alignment

Manufacturers' key objectives:

Retailers' key objectives:

Increase Gross Sales Value (GSV)

Increase Retail Sales Value (RSV)

Increase $ margin at a faster rate than GSV

Increase $ margin at a faster rate than RSV

Increase return on assets

Increase return per square foot

Reduce inventory

Reduce inventory

Create efficiencies in distribution

Create efficiencies in distribution

Manage overheads

Manage overheads

If your business is struggling to grow market share in this increasingly consolidated retail environment, Categoracle can work with you to develop an effective category development framework to leverage your consumer insights and deliver practical action plans to drive sustainable profitable share growth.