Our expertise

At Categoracle, our experience has shown that technical or rationale drivers contribute to less than 50% of an individual's decision-making process.

Other key decision-making influences include:

  • Rapport or chemistry
  • Understanding or empathy, and
  • Politics or culture

Influencing the decision-maker:

To put this in perspective, a large majority of the retail buyer's decison-making process or impetus to act will not be related to what you're there to talk about, but is instead reliant upon the relationship developed by your customer management team.

What differentiates Categoracle is that we don't just bring to the table the category development or technical/rationale expertise, our people have extensive experience in negotiating beneficial outcomes with some of the largest retailers in Australia.

In developing our recommendations, we can draw from specific and relevant experience in the domestic market rather than learnings from overseas sectors with significantly different industry structures and competitive forces.

Our people have also worked across a number of business units within large blue-chip manufacturers and, hence, have a total business perspective to draw from when making strategic recommendations.

We are foremost analytical specialists, actually enjoying the number crunching aspects of putting together an effective Category Development strategy, and pride ourselves on delivering recommendations that ensure the financial prosperity of your and your retail partners' businesses for the forseeable future.