Categoracle believes there are four key levers to driving growth at the point of purchase:

  • The range strategy
  • The pricing strategy
  • The promotional strategy
  • The layout or floor plan strategy

Each of our services focus on utilising consumer insights to optimise one or more of these levers with a view to mutually driving growth in your and your retail partners' businesses.


Levers of manufacturer-retailer mutual profit growth:



Example of Action


  • Managing and optimising the number of brands/SKUs available to consumers
  • Reduce range of non value-add SKUs despite sales rates
  • Expand range of brands with > category average profits


  • Positioning brands to optimise category profits by leveraging relative brand equities
  • Increase price to drive category profit and retailer support
  • Rollback price to shift share to higher category profit SKUs


  • Selection of type, frequency and products for promotional campaigns
  • Reduce promotions not driving increased category profit/value
  • Promote SKUs that maintain category volume at higher profits


  • Efficient space management and improved product/ segment presentation
  • Rearrange in-store layout to differentiate key segments
  • Preferential treatment of key category profit/value drivers